About Journal

The Nursing Scope is a peer-reviewed open access international journal of the University Graduates of Nursing Science Association (UGONSA) concerned with all aspects of Nursing and other health-related professions.

Our Mission

The mission of the journal is to promote knowledge-based healthcare delivery through global spreading of science-based knowledge in nursing, allied health sciences, medicine, and any field that deals with human health.

Our Goal

The main purpose of The Nursing Scope is to disseminate science-based knowledge globally in nursing, allied health sciences, medicine, and any field that deals with human health through the publication of original papers.

Our Contributors

The Nursing Scope publishes original articles, reports, reviews, clinical reports, essays and commentaries from researchers, clinicians, scholars, individuals and professional bodies in nursing science, allied health sciences, medicine and any field that deals with human health.

Our Distributions

Articles on the UGONSA website of the journal are open access for the general public and it can be found at https://thenursingscope.org/. The hard copy is part of the UGONSA Professional Conference materials. It is also available for a fee.

Our History

The Nursing Scope history is almost as old as and as chequered as that of UGONSA. The first three volumes were respectively published in the year 1989, 1990 and 1991. The association was known as the Graduate Nurses Association of Nigeria (GNAN). The continuation of the series from where it stopped is in view in the year 2021 with Volume four (4) which is poised to take off with the 20th  Professional Conference. (Read more about the history of UGONSA on https://ugonsa.org/history/).

Issues' Target

A minimum of two issues per annum from the year 2022.


ISSN:  2645-2936 (Online) 0795 – 6541 (Print)