Guidelines for Authors

The mission of “The Nursing Scope” [A peer-reviewed, open access, international Journal of The University Graduates of Nursing Science Association (UGONSA)] is to promote knowledge-based healthcare delivery through global spreading of science-based knowledge in nursing, allied health sciences, medicine, and any field that deals with human health. Papers that convey science-based knowledge are accepted by this Journal.


Papers submitted could be literature reviews, research studies, theoretical frameworks, clinical experiences, and other types of papers that can promote knowledge-based healthcare delivery or science-based knowledge in general. All the documents will be professionally peer-reviewed and evaluated. Following peer evaluation, the editors will get the work published in the next issue.

General Information

1) Goals: The main purpose of The Nursing Scope is to disseminate science-based knowledge globally in nursing, allied health sciences, medicine, and any field that deals with human health through the publication of original papers


2) What to Do: The Nursing Scope is a place for information on scientific studies, research, theory, philosophy, and technology and advancements in health and healthcare.


3) Contributors: All researchers, scholars, individuals and professional bodies are invited to submit manuscripts in nursing, medicine, social sciences and any field that deals with human or human health.


4) Distributions: The journal is an open access journal. Articles on the journal are open to the world.


For the Subscription

5) Article Submission Fee: Free of Charge


6) Publication fee: $50 USD/article (online); $50 USD/issue (hard copy)


7) Advertisements: The cost will be $20 USD/month on the advertisement banner at the homepage of the journal.


8) Originality index and proofreading services: To ensure originality of work and eschew plagiarism, the originality index of any work to be published must not be more than 20% when tested with Turnitin plagiarism software. The editors will keep testing and returning every work back to the author (s) until the originality index shows that less than 20% of the work was duplicated from other sources. Proofreading services are also run by the editors to ensure that works being published are professional and meet the international best standards.

Manuscript Preparation

Every manuscript is recommended to incorporate the following parts; however, the author(s) is/are at liberty to vary the parts or style:


1) Title Page: Including article title; author’s full name; institution(s) to which each author is affiliated, with the city, and country, and e-mail address. Corresponding author(s) should be clearly stated. Freelance authors with no institutional affiliation are also welcome, but their base and address must be provided.


2) Abstract: Including Background, Aims, Methods/Materials, Findings, and Conclusion.


3) Keywords


4) Introduction


5) Materials and Methods


6) Results


7) Discussions


8) Acknowledgements


9) References

Acknowledgment and Affirmation

When submitting manuscript(s) to the journal, you agree, acknowledge, and affirm the following: That


1) all the authors have contributed adequately and agree on responsibility for the contents of the article(s).


2) there is no plagiarism or any other problems. The author(s) is/are fully responsible for the contents of the paper(s) and the author(s) is/are fully responsible for any plagiarism or other problems of the paper(s).


3) the manuscript(s) have not been published elsewhere.


4) in regards to copyright responsibility,  the journal  has the sole right to the copyright of the article(s), i.e. the journal  can utilize article(s) in any way without noting the author.



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